Saturday, September 1, 2012

reserve Best In Show for Dazzle

Oh so close. Today our little Dazzleman, Xzotika's Provokatuer N' Mocean almost won his first all breed BIS by going reserve under BIS judge Sue Ellen Remple. Thank you Ms. Remple for giving Daz a huge thumbs up at only 14 months old. For a young dog Dazzle is showing the world that he has what it takes to be a top show dog.  Congratulations to his pilot Pamela Scanes of Mocean Afghans.  Without her none of this would have been possible and we are forever grateful.  Dazzle is from the Blondie X Jackson litter. Hopefully Pamela will send us some new photo's soon.  Until then this pic of him should do :-)

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