Sunday, December 2, 2012

Suki Suki ya'll!!!

Our little Suki (Stankhouse) aka Xzotika's Sukiyaki won some points today at the Edwardsville KC show in Belleville, IL.  She won BOW under judge David G. Doane M.D.   Suki was breeder/owner/handled to this win by her daddy Gary Wimberley.  Congratulations Gary on winning your first points in the show ring.  BTW, You looked great in the ring today!
Suki is the official team Xzotika mascot.

Shady & Tyra Win

Today at the Edwardsville KC show Shady won BOW and Tyra won Select bitch under judge Susan St. John-Brown.  Our Shady butt is still undefeated in the classes giving him a total of 11 points in just two weekends of shows.  Tyra was perfect today. She moved beautifully and stood out amongst the bitch specials today.  I am so pleased with how she just keeps getting better and better.  Tyra now has 14 points towards her GR with all of her majors out of the way.  It won't be long before Naomi's baby will be a GRAND CH.  We're taking a break for the holidays and will resume both of their championship quests in January so stay tuned :-)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Double Trouble!

Naomi's daughter Tyra, Xzotika Sabbath House Supermodel won BOS today over top 10 specials securing her third major towards her Grand Championship title.  Tyra's nephew Shayde, Xzotika's Lavish Nightshayde remains undefeated his second weekend out winning WD giving him a total of 9 points now with both majors!  Sincere thanks to judge Mr. Robert Frost.  He had very good hands with the dogs and all of his winners today had Woody, SBIS CH Winsong Hollywood Park in their pedigree as direct sire or grandsire.  Congratulations to all the winners today!