Thursday, March 25, 2010

Xzotika's Man In the Mirror

At the Louisville, KY cluster this year our 10 month old puppy Jackson won another 4pt major reserve under judge Mrs. Margaretta Patterson-Kauffman. Jackson was handled by his co-breeder Jennifer Taylor of Jolie Afghan Hounds. Little Jackson is having a great time at the shows and the judges are noticing him at this very early age. In addition to the judges, the ringside crowd is giving him a good look and the buzz is in the air. A recent bystander stated that Jackson reminded them of a young Coastwind Phobos. Another stated that his beautiful type is undeniably AFGHAN. The comments go on for our young prima donna. Look for Jackson at this years coveted Afghan Hound Club of America Breeders Cup

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Xzotika's Walkin' On Sunshine at Overlook

Walker attended his first sanctioned AKC puppy match this weekend. Click on the link and you will see Walker with a young jr handler in a white blouse on her knees handling him.

Barb n Russ Hastings report that he did very well and had fun meeting everyone.

Walker's registered name is Xzotika's Walkin' On Sunshine at Overlook. Walker is 14 weeks old.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Indy Winter Classic

Oh what fun it was! It was so nice to see all of Naomi's babies in one place. Five of her kids were at the show but only 3 of them were shown. They have all grown into lovely yearlings. We are very excited and glad that we used AM CH Winsong Hollywood Park as Naomi's first sire. The entire weekend wasn't a bust. Our little Jackson at his second show takes a 4pt major reserve under respected judge Ms. Elizabeth Muthard. We are very pleased with the progress of this litter and am looking forward to all of their upcoming shows. From right to left you have Diva, Jackson, Tanzi, Isaac and Tyra.